Monday, March 13, 2017

Power Of Now Passive Income Stream # 1

Just Imagine…
A Passive Income Stream That Pays You Monthly FOREVER!

Creating Wealth On Your Current Income!

Passive Income Stream #1

Remember the widget? And the fart pillow? How about the chia pet? Those people made millions from one idea. So you can See how easy it is to create wealth in abundance, easily, and very quickly!

You could create a product that goes global that everyone in the world loves and buys consistently like a toothbrush. FOREVER!

Create A New Passive Income Stream

- One-On-One Coaching where we get really clear on your ideas for new creation of your new

- We submit your idea(s) to a company I work with that creates, patents, markets, and sells
  your product.for you.

- Once your idea for a new product creation is accepted, I will work with you on all of the details
  and necessities that you want in your new product.

-Your product, now patented, goes live and viral all around the world.

- You pay the company a royalty fee of approximately 20% of all sales to continue to market,
  advertise and sell your product.

- YOU keep approximately 80% as long as there is a need for your product in society on a
  continuous basis FOREVER.

There Are No Limits To You
As To What You Can Create Prosper And Profit From!


Creating True Wealth For Individuals and Business

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